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It replaces all sizes 10 and
10A,  10AE,  L10ZA,
DA10H,  DA10N,  10HP,
AC230E,  AC230EZ, AC230,  
B20PA,  ME10Z, S10A,  10SA,  
PR-10PA, RS10
Size 10 Battery Color  
Size 312 Battery Color  
It replaces all sizes 312 and
312 A,  312 AE,  L312 ZA,
DA312 H,  DA312 N,  312 HP,
AC312 E,  AC312 EZ,  AC312 ,
B347PA,  ME7 Z,  S312 E,     
PR-312 PA,  RS312
It replaces all sizes 13 and
13A,  13AE,  L13ZA,
DA13H,  DA13N,  13HP,
AC13E,  AC13EZ,  AC13,
B26PA,  ME8Z,  S13E, 13SA,  
PR-13PA,  RS13
Size 13 Battery Color  
Size 675 Battery Color  
It replaces all sizes 675 and
675 A,  675 AE,  L675 ZA,
DA675 H,  DA675 N,  675
HP, AC675 E,  AC675 EZ,  
AC675 , B900PA,  ME9Z,  
S675A, 675SA,  PR-675PA,  
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E.R Hearing Aid Repairs
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Gardner KS 66030
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40 batteries for $26 dollers
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